Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber?

I recently bought a 3-Cd set of The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber, as performed by the Orlando Pops Orchestra, and while the insert does give a list of the performers, I have no way of knowing who performed which songs. I can definitely tell the differences in the voices (For example, the woman who sings Christine's part in the Phantom of the Opera songs is obviously not the woman who sings Eva's part in the songs from Evita, And the man who sings for the Phantom is obviously not the man who sings for Che). Would anyone happen to know which performer sings which songs (In particular, the man and woman who sing the parts of Eva and Che in Evita) , so that I can put a name and a voice together, or is this a hopeless case?

Did that even make sense?

The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber?plays

The girl who sings Christin is Emmy Rossum

The woman Carlotta is minnie Driver

The phantom is Gerard Butler

hope that helps!! good luck

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I'm not sure about Evita, but if the CD lists Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, they are most likely singing the songs from Phantom.

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