Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have you ever heard of the East Village Opera Company?

I heard about them from some friends today. They are great! I do mean awesome. Check out their website:

I plan to order their new CD. I hope to someday attend one of their concerts. I'm in the process of listening to some of their music. You'll love it.

Have you ever heard of the East Village Opera Company?home theater system

I disagree with Wotan. To me this is as classical as Schoenberg making arrangements of other music, or Mahler orchestrating Beethoven and Schumann symphonies, or Liszt making piano reductions of other pieces. Yes, there are some "pop" elements in there, such as a drumbeat and the other "pop" instrumentations but the melodies were created by classical composers. It's certainly arguable, and maybe it's better defined as "crossover" (even though I once heard an interview with one of the members of that group saying he doesn't like the term) but I have no problem with a question about that group being in this forum. Well that's my $.02

Have you ever heard of the East Village Opera Company?the grand theater opera theater

Did you assign your question to this category? It's in the wrong section. I checked out your posting, and it's a "pop" band, doing their version of an operatic aria.

It does not qualify as classical music.

No, but I will check them out.


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