Sunday, December 6, 2009

Evanescence - Trying to find song name?

ok. theres a song on a cd i have but i dont know the name.

it starts of like a fast opera kind of thing: ah ahh ahhh ahh ah .

that kind of thing.

its a fast paced song. but i dont know the name. send me some the name or what you think it could be or a sample of the song.

thanks soooo much!!!

Evanescence - Trying to find song name?imax theatre

I think I know exaclt what you're talking about. I have it downloaded! It's called Lies. From what I know, it's off of Origin.

Evanescence - Trying to find song name?performing show opera theaterno i was JUST listening to it..i am pretty sure its haunted by evanescence...yeah. im ALMOST certain it is.. Report It

I would think it's bring me to life also
:) you have left us a LOT to go from! :)

I have no idea which song... Why aren't you listening to the CD and figuring out which track title it is? Did you burn the CD [which would explain why there's no label or lyrics included]? Good luck.
Bring me to Life
Bring Me To Life

Does it follow after the aahs with the words "paper flowers"? Need more details, please. Was it ever on the old is it?
"ah ahh ahhh ahh a?"

Why do you start a song with high pitched screams?
humm.. Fast paced song eeh... it has to be 'Bring me to life'..
Umm maybe Imaginary? On Fallen
I think it's "Missing", if it starts "Please, please forgive me"

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