Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yahoo sucks?

I try to go into your yahoo chat room and the people are not friendy and they act like they own the room and one one else can come in. I been booed out of rooms from people with these botter. I went to yahoo chat room 40-9 and they playmusic and tell other people to **** off and call them names.. Is this the way you oper. your buiness? And if so i am not going to be a member any more. and what use is yahoo messenger to go into a chat room. Maybe i need to send this letter to the ceo of yahoo.

Yahoo sucks?concert venue

send a letter to the CEO of Yahoo you should not let him allow that behavior it is wrong and immature.

Yahoo sucks?events opera theater

true dat
LOL, Yahoo calls me Scott every time I go to their website, but unless you report abuse, Yahoo does not know what is going on. I would report them too.PS, My name is NOT Scott?
Yahoo! is just providing a series of chat rooms. Often these rooms become very clannish and they don't like outsiders. Who cares? If they are that childish and pathetic why would you want to talk to them anyway? Why would you blame Yahoo! for providing freedom of speech? It is not up to Yahoo! to censor what people say, or try to make everyone get along. That's like threatening to sue a bar because you can't get a phone number from a girl while drinking there.
Get a life. Please!!!! This site is for Q%26amp;A.


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