Sunday, December 6, 2009

Once you love one thing you cant love the other?

like ok, im young so naturally i see the new versions of movies and stuff... ok the movie phantom of the opera the new one with gerard butler, I LOVE IT!! anyway i saw some clips of the original phantom of the opera and i thought it was stupid! like compared with the FIRST one i saw. You know what I mean

also the music in sweeney todd, i listened so an old sweeney todd cd and i didnt like the singers as much

same goes for the people who saw the old versions first, and hated the new versions

you knwo what I mean?

Once you love one thing you cant love the other?listen to opera

yeah. like the old version of charlie and the chocolate factory was better than the new one.

Once you love one thing you cant love the other?concert venue opera theater

That is not true. Purl Jam did a remake of an old song that I loved and it was great, and now I think they are both great. There have been a few others but that is just to name one. Sorry I can't relate to the Phantom of the Opera, just not a fan of that one.

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