Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do you think Eminem is humorous?

I like all music, I'm not much into rap but I like Eminem because I think he's very talented and puts his heart and soul into what he writes. I also like his sense of humor does that make me

I know he's not the greatest influence for kids but I'm talking consenting adults here.

I'm very eclectic in my tastes; I own Kenny Rogers, Opera and Classical CD's, lots of country, gospel and also

Do you think Eminem is humorous?concert tickets

I am 31 years old, a college graduate and I actually own a couple emimem cds... I do think he is humerous and, do I think his lyrics come from his heart, No, I believe the man just found a really good way to make money.

I usually listen to the Pogues, liz phair, melissa etheridge, stevie nicks, the you see I am not a rap fan. Eminim is different. But I do NOT think parents of young kids should let them listen to his music....

Do you think Eminem is humorous?theater seating opera theaterI got here too late to answer your question... I don't like rap at all, and most of Eminem's music I don't like, I do however like some, like the movie music... Report It

I think he is humorous too, but I won't let my daughter listen to him.
i think he is humorous
I like some Eminem songs too. My favourite ones are "Cleaning up my closet" and "White America".
i think its sweet how he comes up with the stuff he does. it has so much meaning in every song that he sings. He is definitely creative in his work
I think he is hot. He can come over to my house any day!
ja eminem cool i like his music better than 50 cents music and ja sure eminem is humorous
Most of the time, yes he is humorous. Also very talented. However, you are right~ not suitable for children. You are the 3rd person that I have heard say they don't like rap except for Eminem.
Well I like his mudic and his videos are really funny!
Not at all - he is cute in a small white guy sort of way but he looks like an albino to me
Overrated but I do think he has Influence alot of young kids to not Give a Shite.

Like him or not he is a Good Lyricist but has a Lousy Flow.
sure why not
yea somtimes
yes i think hes humorous ,and i totly agree with u but he is kinda werd but we think what we think!!!lol
Because dat lil white boy think he black
I Love to listen to EMINEM He is very talented and humorous.

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