Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bossa Nova CD recommendations?

I'm curious about Bossa Nova, but I don't know where to start. My usual tastes in music are Classical, Opera, and occasionally Jazz (Oscar Peterson, to be specific). Which Bossa Nova albums do you think I might enjoy?

Thanks for answering.

Bossa Nova CD recommendations?musicals

Ow, find any cds with astrud gilberto and or stanley turrentine/stan gets.

Shirley Scott would be great too (be aware there are lots of Shirley Scotts out there doing music, only a few get into instrumental bossa nova you can lounge or dance 2)

There are 2 many different tracks spread over numerous of albums.

You like tracks like Aqua De Beber?

Maria Quiet? One Note Samba? Then aforementioned artists are what you need.

Other tracks I personally like are:

*Howard Roberts - Dirty Bossa Nova

*Julie London - Fly Me To The Moon

*Walter Wanderly - Summer Samba

*Shirley Scott - Noche Azul

And "Bola Sete - Bettina" wich is bossa nova but has this movie like feel and lots of relaxed spanish guitarring..

E Bass uncluded...

Last 4 reccomendations (except julie londons are instrumental)

Bossa Nova CD recommendations?opera songs opera theater .Here you can know all about that.

A.C.Jobim/Joao gilberto/astrud gilberto./luis bonfa/ etc.....
This question get asked a lot.

Get JAZZ SAMBA by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd. Then look for titles featuring Getz and Luiz Bonfa and Laurindo Almeida.

You can't go wrong with the classics.

Keep a close eye for compositions by Antonio Carlos Jobim, the idiom's master.
The one with the A.C.Joblim hits by Stan Getz and the Gilbertos

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