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Classical music question?? i don't know anything?

I need to prepare a CD with classical music that general people will enjoy.

bach, mozart, Vivaldi Beethoven ???

What do I add to it?? Please list some common classical concerts. Doesn't matter if it's an opera, or violin or piano.

Classical music question?? i don't know anything?comedy show

This site has a bunch of great classical:

It's just the "hits" of classical music, none of the boring stuff :)

Classical music question?? i don't know anything?greek theater opera theater

It's hard to mess up with Bach or Vivaldi; any of the Bach Inventions, or Vivaldi's Four Seasons will go with practically ANYTHING.
Other than the four you mentioned. Try getting pieces from Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Brahms, and Strauss.

Some widely known and recognized masterpieces are:

The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

Jupiter (Mozart)

Beethoven's Symphonies

Minute Waltz (Chopin)

Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)

Nutcracker or any other ballet (Tchaikovsky)
You already have the three main stays...

Bach Beethoven and Mozart

Vivaldi's four seasons is subliminally known by a lot of people.

You could add anything by Brahms

If you want a great CD with a stellar mix of composers, get Vladamir Horowitz: Live at Moscow

He is one of the most famous pianists of our time. All of the music is consonant. Nothing modern or eclectic.

Other composers you could mix in for variety could be:






All of these gentlemen have "digestible" sounds for a audience that may not be made up of avid listeners.

I hope this helped.
Go to and click on the classical link at the top.

It will let you listen to samples of everything.

I personally like mozart...probably because I have listened to him so much via my kids' baby mozart videos. :)

The others you listed are great as well. Haydn is good, too.

Try to find compilations of these artists or general compilations to pick out songs. I would go with songs performed by symphonies and not solo artists...unless you are looking for that sort of thing.

Good Luck!

100 Favorite Recordings List

This list was put together by consulting numerous string and piano related forums online. If you scroll up from that, you'll see collections of other works as well, including the complete string quartet works of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, and collections of Andrew Manze (Baroque violinist) and Amy Beach (composer).

Also see:

Perlman Collector

Glenn Gould Collector
The public usually enjoys Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Strauss, and Schumann. These composers have many pieces that will be accessible, likable, and "pleasing" to a general audience. In my opinion, people who are new to classical music generally don't like anything too abstract or experimental. Listen around and see what you like. Take Cd's out of your public library and look for other compilations that have a similar aim as the one you plan to make - ones that target a similar audience. Cd's with titles like "The Greatest..." or "The Best...," or something like "Classical Music's Greatest Hits" are usually such Cd's. See what they put on these Cd's. This might give you a few ideas and put you in the right direction.
oh theres so much!

but definitely the tchaikovsky, rachmoninoff, and schumann piano concertos. brahms piano trios and violin sonatas. piano gershwin rhapsody in blues. any gershwin violin music. dvorak violin concerto. shostakovich piano quintet. stravinsky violin concertos. prokofiev violin sonata. franck violin sonata. moonlight piano sonata by beethoven. waxman's carmen fantasy for violin. navarra by sarasate for two violins. debussy violin sonata. dvorak piano trio in f minor. smetana piano trio. schubert piano trios. schubert violin sonatas. goldberg violin concerto. wieniawski violin concerto number 1. tchaikovsky violin concerto. sibelius violin concerto.

those are just some of everyones favorites of all times. :]

hope it helped!
Trans-siberian orchestra's "Beethoven's Last Night". Excellent classical with a modern twist.
You've got some great things to start with. Try:

Pastoral Symphony (Beethoven)

Music from the Nutcracker


Vivaldi's most popular piece is The Four Seasons
some good songs are:

toccata and fugue in d minor

beautiful dreamer

any bethoven symphony

vivaldi's four seasons (i like spring the best and it is the most well known)

flight of the bumble bee

anything bach

the girl from impadema

anything from the musical "carmen"

if you are looking for happy songs, they will have the word major in it. sad, angry, or scary sounding songs will have the word minor.
I would stick to the well known and generally accepted masterpieces. What you pick depends on the occasion. I have a fairly extensive collection, but I hesitate to advise without knowing the circumstances. For example; Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries is probably not what you are looking for if the selection is to be played at a social gathering. Could you give more information?
German, French, Italian selections!

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