Sunday, December 6, 2009

I need some new music. Something epic-sounding?

Lately I've been listening to big, epic-sounding tunes, like classic songs like Oh Fortuna. I also like Nightwish, a slightly opera-sounding metal group. Their music is lovely but still, y'know, in your face. I also enjoy Trans-siberian Orchestra's non-christmas CD entitled Beethoven's Last Night.

Does anyone know of any groups and/or songs that are similar to these?

I need some new music. Something epic-sounding?opera score

Avenged Sevenfold has some really epic, in your face, yet still melodic type stuff.

I typically don't listen to bands like A7X. I mostly listen to thrash, melodic death metal, and stuff like that. But a7x is different. They are such great musicians.

Recomended Songs:

the wicked end



strength of the world

i wont see you tonight part 1

and all things will end

warmness on the soul

seize the day

hope it of some help. if you have heard some songs of theirs and don't like them i really urge you to listen to the ones i have listed that you haven't heard. cuz they are al amazing and i think you'll find something you like.

if you like heavier stuff like death metal or melodic death metal then Opeth is another suggestion. their songs are even longer than a7x's. i dunno if thats a good thing or not, you decide. but they are very progressive and melodic and have a lot of parts to their songs. they also have shorter songs on most of their cd's that are epic sounding, such as the song Ending Credits and For Absent Friends, that are just instrumental, no vocals.

Suggested Songs:


Ghost of Perdition

Master's Apprentices


Isolation Years

Cold is my favorite band. they are like some melodic hard rock music mix. they are all about the music. all of their songs are amazing but here are some suggested few.

She said


No One


Sad Happy

Black Sunday

Cure My Tragedy

(Anything off of the album A Different Kind of Pain)

rammstein's new album is kinda epic and melodic at times. the new album is called rosenrot. unless you speak german you won't understand most of the album but its very relaxing to listen to it.

ya hope i could be of help to ya.

I need some new music. Something epic-sounding?musicals opera theater

Osric Tentacles - If you Like TSO's non-christmas stuff you will LOVE Osric Tentacles - epic, progressive and emotional (with a few guitars screaming for effect).
I rather like Evanescence's "Open Door" album. Perhaps, you would be interested in "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch %26amp; the Wardrobe" soundtrack. Hope you find what you are looking for.
Check out the new cd by Meat Loaf, 'Bat Out Of Hell 3: The Monster's Loose!' You'll be glad you did!
Ones that I would recommend are My Chemical Romance "The Black Parade", Green Day "American Idiot", and Pink Floyd "The Wall".

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