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Do most people only like one form of music?

I go to friends houses and go through their cd's and see mostly the same genre of music. When they come to my house, however, they are always asking "What's this?, what's that?" when they go through my cd's. I suppose if I had to take some music to a desert island, I would take punk/metal/thrash/grunge types of cd's, but I also like classical in small doses, world music in large doses, and even golden oldies get my toe to tappin. I don't care so much for country music, but I do have the Judd's first album and Rodney Crowell's "Diamonds and Dirt" album. I also have a fondness for bluegrass and opera. I really like music that I have a hard time classifying, like Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. How about you? Do you listen to just one type of music or are you eclectic like me?

Do most people only like one form of music?

If it sounds good to me, I listen to it. As a general rule, country does not sound good.

Do most people only like one form of music?amc theatre opera theater

I lean WAY more towards Alternative, Industrial, %26amp; Grunge.

But, I do enjoy some songs that fit into the Pop category.

I like R%26amp;B sometimes ,too.
My music collection is mostly indie.

I have quite a bit of ambient electronic and post-rock.

I also have Native music from around the world including, India, Turkey, Japan (some great percussion), Sweden, Ukraine, Bali, Thailand, Greece, and China, mostly on compilations.

I have the Columbia recording boxsets of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. And at least another 60 songs of jazz artists mostly from 50-70's era.

Blues from the greats like Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters.

All kinds, yes. Old, new, obscure, bluegrass, even some rap! shhhh... I absolutely love the blues; Howlin' Wolf was howlin' just a bit ago. I have to be in a mood for country, basically a bad mood. Spent years playing classical, and my blood is infused with it now. I'm listening to Mahler as I type this, and I think Rachmaninov is up next. I'm in a mood for this too.
I listen to every thing for Johnny Cash to Garth Brooks to Led Zeppelin to def leppard and Mettaclia to nickleback even some pop and dance music it dont like to lable my self with one kind of music just good music for jazz to metal to pop to rock
i listen to anything as long as i like it it dont matter to me

bout the genre or the artist
I'll Listen to just about anything from

Alternative, Grunge, Industrial, Metal, Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Brit invasion, Punk, Celtic, Folk, 80's (depeche mode, petshop boys, new order, Prince, ect.) A bit of Country, rap, pop, r%26amp;b, Classical (sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli) even disco, Dance, Techno. It all depends on my mood and activities what might be playing .
Definitely eclectic. While I do have some clearcut favorites, I appreciate all kinds of music from Acoustic to Zydeco.

I don't understand people who listen to only one genre or sometimes only ONE artist...and won't even try to give other types of music a chance! Makes no sense to me whatsoever. That's like eating the same kind of food everyday.
I'm with you on this one 8 Track, my tastes covers most genres and my collection reflects that. Gotta tell you, though; my first wife always played Cohen if she was contemplating suicide or extremely down. If I came home from work or whatever and heard Leonard playing on the stereo, I dove for cover! I don't have him in my collection.
If you see my CD collection, you'll get surprise.

I like Rock/Pop, but in my collection there are this musicians too

Paul Muriat

Antonio Carlos (Jobim)

Burt Bacharach

Richard Clayderman

Paco de Lucia

Peter White

Jos茅 Jos茅

Roberto Carlos

Enrique Guzm谩n

Cesar Costa

Charlez Aznavour

Marta Sanchez

Tijuana Brass

Classical Guitar
World music in large doses? Bluegrass AND opera? Leonard Cohen?

Come to my house. I think we'd get along just fine.
I like pretty much all music ~ I think it's hard-wired into us to like music ~ just look at the stadiums filled with people who paid top dollar to be there to enjoy the music they love.

I also enjoy being exposed to different genres ~ especially when I'm with friends that are really into it. But... when it's just me, I'm pretty happy in my *little* musical world, and tend to listen to a relatively small variety compared to what's out there.

I love space music ~ 70s rock ~ more space music ~ some grunge, some hip hop, some artists that are more 'current'.

I do like getting turned on to new stuff, tho, so Thanks! to R%26amp;P for some of that, and luckily I have teenagers in the house who keep me from becoming too much of a relic...


Would like to add to my list of favorites ~ bluesy, jazzy rock like the Allman Bros and Dave Matthews, and psychedelic guitar solo rock ~
Actually I think most people are probably like you and I. Personally if you looked at my Ipod or my CD collection you would see so many different genres you would be amazed. I would say I am definitely eclectic like you. lol.
I have a variety of musical tastes. Originally it was just country and bluegrass I must confess (Yeap, I am a hillbilly). But my interest has since branched out into various forms of rock and metal music as well as R%26amp;B and trip hop.
Can't speak for "most people" - like you I listen to a wide variety of music. It just depends on the time and mood! ((8T)))
Well I like metal, classical and maybe a bit of country. It's alright despite what other people say
I like a lot of different types of music although admittedly you won't find anything overly religious, country/western or bluegrass... I do have my limits.

I would say I am fairly eclectic and my collection reflects that.
Not I. I like:

Old school Punk

Pop Punk


some classic rock






Indie Rock

some Pop

some Rap

Electic is the way to be.
i pretty much like any thing that i can relate to or goes with my feelings, like anny thing that would go under the genre of "rock"... but i occasionally listen top this rapper dude that he is called atmospere,i think...
My play list runs from the Dead Kennedys to Apocolyptica to Kenny Rogers (in very small doses). I don't even realy like many bands never mind styles of music.
I like a lot more than one genre of music.

Most just have a major preference though. They'll listen to other styles, but they may have a genre that they'll like more than the others.

I love Jazz, Acoustic Folk, Soft Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic music.

I'll occasionally listen to stuff like Y.K. %26amp; The Seatbelts, Quincy Jones, Air, Pink Floyd, Bloc Party, The Eagles, Andy Mckee and even Nujabes if thats what I feel like listening to.

My main preference is Metal music though...which I'll most definately take with me to a desert island. I tend to be quite the purist/elitist with this style of music too.
I am highly eclectic. If you went through my music collection you would find a mix of :~

Classic Rock *

Prog Rock


Folk / Folk Rock


80's Rock

World **

New Age

some 90's+ Rock

Classical / Modern Classical




one Goth Rock band

a little Electronica

Gregorian Chant

1950's Rock 'n' Roll

a little Ambiant

a little Trance

* = some bands that others call 'Metal' class under CR for me.

** = World : Indian ; Arabic ; Native American ; African ; and a selection of various songs from the rest of the globe
I could probably listen to music with you for a while. I like to listen to all kinds. The only genre missing from my collection is probaby rap. I too like some stuff that everyone is like "WHO?" Even when I listen to older music (70's) I listen to stuff that was not exactly mainstream.

LOL they have to ask what my cds are mainly because they are all white label because I burn my own
My boyfriend mainly likes metal and rock etc. But he also loves jazz and acoustic guitar. He can also name you many classical composers and works. I've never met any one else with such a large taste in music as he does.
I like whatever that sounds good when it comes through my ears. =)
i usually listen to like Soufly and stuff like that but for some odd reason i like HIM

and all the oldies like zz top and poisan and ect.

Soulfly is the best band BTW!!
I only like music that hasn't come out yet.

In my opinion there is good stuff in any genre. I may not look too hard in some cases, I'm not really drawn to disco or modern pop country, but as a premise someone does it right no matter what you're talking about. With that said, I keep an open mind to stuff and though my iPod mostly consists of indie rock from the 90s to present there are splashes of all sorts of stuff.
I like just about everything except country. And, of course that has its exception which is Willie Nelson. gotta love him. Blue eyes crying in the rain, I'll never forget the first time I heard it.
I've never found a "type" of music I don't like. There are plenty of songs out there that are just rubbish. But every genre has something that appeals to me.

My biggest problem is when I'm in a mood for something specific, I have to wade through all this other stuff in my collection to get what I want.... I'm so disorganized.

Peace to you.
I can find at least a song or two I like in every genre, country not so much but I like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. But please keep away the Phil Collins music.... haha! (((8TM)))
Maybe not quite as eclectic as you are, but I think I go fairly deep into the body of rock. I've always been focused on rock and more specifically the underground side. So, that takes golden oldies and a lot of classic rock off the menu for me. Been there, done that. I'm trying to make up for lost time with all the great music that never gets played on radio. That leaves me with punk, industrial, Goth, electronica, indie and metal.

BTW, Nick Cave is coming up with the dreaded post-punk label. I hate that term.

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