Thursday, December 10, 2009

Could opera fans help please?

I am trying to find a CD containing "Vesti la giubba"

"Nessun dorma" and "Un bel di vedremo"

Any help would be appreciated.

Could opera fans help please?opera score

Actually, because these are all such popular arias, I was able to find multiple CDs that had all three arias.

A to Z of Opera

Un Bel Di Vedremo - Miriam Gauci

Nessun Dorma - Thomas Harper

Vesti La Giubba - Nicola Matinucci

13.99 Barnes and Noble

Aria - A Passion for Opera

Vesti La Giubba - Franco Corelli

Un Bel Di Vedremo - Montserrat Caballe

Nessun Dorma - Franco Corelli

10.98 Amazon

Tuscany: A Romantic Journey

15.99 - Amazon

I'd recommend the second CD, since the first is a 2 disc set and why pay for two discs when you only want three arias. Also, I'm a bit of a Corelli whore so there's that. And as a last note, I have no idea who's singing the arias on the he third CD, so I would DEFINITELY not buy that one. I hope this helped!

Could opera fans help please?musicals opera theater

These are each from different operas, and it is not likely that you will find all of them on one cd, even if the cd is a collection of arias.

Vesti la guigga is from Pagliacci by Leoncavallo

Nessun dorma is from Puccini's Turandot

Un bel di vedremo is from Madama Butterfly by Puccini.
Do you want one CD with all 3 songs? do you care who performs the songs?

"Nessun Dorma: 20 Great Tenor Arias" has 2 of your 3 songs (Nessun Dorma and Vesti)

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