Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whats Are Your Top 5 Most Useful Programs?

I was just wondering which programs are the most useful/coolest for each of you? Could You Please Give 5 With A Brief Description?

Im not looking for a list of freeware/shareware although they can be included.

1. Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise- Complete Office Suite

2. Quicken 2008- Great Financial Tracking Program

3. Adobe CS3- Great Suite for Imaging and Graphic Design

4. Nero 9- Good CD/DVD Imager

5. Opera- Amazing Webbrowser.

Whats Are Your Top 5 Most Useful Programs?chinese theater

1. Firefox + Extensions - Without a doubt! (esp. StumbleUpon)

2. Skype

3. MSN Messenger

4. Getright

5. Nokia PC Suite


1. Google

2. StumbleUpon

3. Gmail

4. Giveaway of the Day

5. Yahoo Answers

Whats Are Your Top 5 Most Useful Programs?opera mini opera theater

Cubase SX3 - Audio and Midi Sequencer

NI Guitar Rig2 - Effects and Amp simulation

PAZ Spectrum Analyser - Audio Spectrum Analyser

Trillian Pro - Instant Messeging

Azureus - Torrent Client
launchy - never need to use start menu

phrase express - never need to type repetitive phrases

ditto - awesome for clipboard pasting

firefox with extensions greasemonkey, adblock plus, tab mix plus, download statusbar

thunderbird with lightning add-on

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