Sunday, December 6, 2009

I have a music question for singers or wannabe singers!!?

Am I the only one who thinks that music has gone a bit downhill lately?I mean like Britney Spears,J-lo, and Beyonce,to me they cannot sing very well compared to past divas.I mean i am glad for their success,but it seems that even rap music is a bit routine.It is either about bling or money now,but I can remember it having a deeper feel back in the days.I cannot sing but I loved hearing artists work their voice and even grew a love for opera because of it.But does any one feel that music has been in a bit of an artisic rut lately?How much could you be convinced to spend on a Britney Spears ,ect cd?

I have a music question for singers or wannabe singers!!?symphony


you have just put yourself into the long-hated category of intelligent, sensitive person instead of nice instant gratification person. Welcome to the club!

Yes, it's all about sex or money nowadays, isn't it? I'll trade Brittany Spears for Peggy Lee, JLo for Linda Ronstadt ( her Spanish songs), and Beyonce for Ella Fitzgerald any day.

They had plenty of content in their music, and the sexy voices gave the imagination more to work with. Today, nothing's left to one's imagination, is it?

Sing hey for the bad old days, when people used themselves and no electric or electronic devices ( other than a mike) to be heard. Or worse days, when opera singers practiced so they didn't need to use a mike at all to be heard.

My money's with yours, paying for the people who made music!

I have a music question for singers or wannabe singers!!?performing arts center opera theater

BEyonce is one of the old best divas just reicarnated Beyonce is a musical genius. And a total Hottie
To me, music has gone a bit downhill lately. I think this whole issue of sex sells is superficial and unreal. In my opinion, the industry should focus more on the musical side rather than the image side of things.

They aren't talented at all. They only use their sexiness to sell their CD's and make money by making a stimulating video clip.

I prefer back in the 60's to the 80's where singers at that time are really good. Look at Stevie Wonder, he's atalented person and a prodigy in the music industry, but people tend to watch the sexiness of Britney Spears, etc.
As for me I wouldn't spend a single penny on any of the new rap or hip hop And pretty much goes the same for all music It's not all the artist fault tho you have to put a lot of blame on the music industry as a whole for being in it just for a quick buck instead of keeping artist around for the long haul like in the early days

today artist come and go so fast you cant keep up with them and very few have their own unique sound or style take back in the early days you knew what every song said and could tell every artist from the other

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