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Disappearing Dvorak opera?!~!?

I heard the overture to Kate %26amp; The Devil on the radio. I loved it!!

Like many pieces of music that immediately enthrall and enamor me, it was the work of Antonin "Lights Out" Dvorak. Oh, and how I loved it. God help the individual or group that ever tries to get between me and Dvorak. I mean, we're talking big fisticuffs there.

But I can't find Kate and the Devil anywhere on the internet but WikiPedia, which calls the overture"famous." If I search for "The Devil and Kate" I can find some really foreign CD on Amazon that's expensive and I dont' think has the overture on it....

... buttoher than that, nothing! Nothing on YouTube. Nothing on Amazon. Nothing that will let me listen, or even buy! And I want my effin' Dvorak!

Can you, or anyone you know, point me in the direction of someplace online (or off, I don't nkow, anywhere!) where I can listen, hear, or buy?

Disappearing Dvorak opera?!~!?greek theater

Calm yourself, Charles -- my child %26lt;tongue so seriously in cheek it hurts%26gt;, your very base cravings *shall* be satisfied -- here's all that your heart desires... :-)

Disappearing Dvorak opera?!~!?performing arts show opera theater

So you like Dvorak, don't you ? And you are out to find his music and especially The Devil and Kate (unbelievable, I am so ignorant that I thought that listening to Rusalka was all it took to be an Advanced Dvorak's Operas lecturer). And where are you searching it ? On the net. That's where things happen, and then we get upset when someone tries to make extra-money of our utopia that a fingerclick gives wisdom.

I'll tell you a short and unimportant story. At school, a teacher brought a record of New World Symphony (they begin to lure kids in with programme music, Vivaldi, Rimski, Moonlight) it was somewhere in the early 70's. I started Dvorak there, advancing meant to buy a new record for the astronomic equivalent of about 1 $, or having an opportunity to listen to a concert, or tune on a radio and be so lucky to find Anton, reading borrowed books, listening to people you met in the street who used to talk music instead of soccer (existed !) and by the way threw here and there a chunk of Advanced Dvoraks. Months could pass in between such events. Only 5 years ago, when I had a business chance to see Prague, I thought I had reached a plateau. And now I discover I missed Kate.

OK, move on. Go to a music shop, look for a good edition and compare, listen a bit, and possibly walk, out and back. There's people, birds, life. They are directing your fingers and disguised as good samaritans they're taking you from the first to the second life, where, rest assured, in a while there'll be no Dvoraks.
OK - here is your musicological info. Now you can use it to search for what you wish. I'd try Czech labels. Try the stores and sites of the Czech opera companies - even the Met in NYC might have a link for you. Try the NPR and PBS links - or sites like Jim Schweda and KUSC - he eats this stuff for breakfast.

B.201/ B.530

Cert a K谩ca. opera ve trech jedn谩n铆ch

(Kate and the Devil. Opera in Three acts)

Libretto : Adolf Wenig


2 Tenors, 2 MezzoSopranos, 5 Basses, 2 Sopranos, SATB, tp.grcs.ptti.tamp picc.tam.trg.- 2arpa.- archi

or 2 Tenors, 2 MezzoSopranos, 5 Basses, 2 Sopranos, SATB, pianoforte

Year Written: 1899

Osoby (Persons):

* Ovc谩k (Shepherd) Jirka (Tenor)

* K谩ca (MezzoSoprano)

* K谩cina matka (Kate's mother) (MezzoSoprano)

* Cert (Devil) Marbuel (Bass)

* Lucifer (Bass)

* Cert vr谩tny (Devil the porter) (Bass)

* Cert str谩zce (Devil the guard) (Bass)

* Knezna (Princes) (Soprano)

* Komorn谩 (Chamber-maid) (Soprano)

* Mars谩lek (Marshal) (Bass)

* Muzikant (Musician) (Tenor)


* Predehra (Overture)

Largo un poco - Allegro

* Venkovsk谩 hospoda (A Country Inn)

Allegro ma non troppo - Tempo di marcia

* V pekle (In Hell)

Allegro ma non troppo

* S铆n v z谩mku (A hall in the castle)

Moderato alla polacca - Andante

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