Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now that Paul Potts debut CD has hit the US?

Can anyone deny that this Cinderella story is what renews faith and spirit and with all the trouble in the world, there is good to be found in life. His rise to fame from cell phone salesman to singing star is truly inspirational. If you have not seen his audition on Britons Got Talent, (the English version of American Idol), go to YOUTUBE, put Paul POtts in the search, go to his audition tape and lose your mind and soul in what happend. Everyone was sceptical when he said he was going to sing opera. Watch their faces as he starts to sing and the fact that they are in tears by the end. You don't have to be an opera fan to realise that something very special had just happend. I urge you, do not miss this experiance. It will make your day!!

Now that Paul Potts debut CD has hit the US?opera ticket

I've been following Paul since day one. I just love that dear man and his honesty and humility and his love for his wife. Did you know he has a degree in philosophy? Go to: my They have all of his videos in chronological order and his interviews, travel schedule etc.

I wrote him a fan letter (first one ever to anyone) telling him that millions of people worldwide will now have the courage to do their dreams thanks to him.

I'm going to add you to my contacts so maybe we can talk about him sometime.

Now that Paul Potts debut CD has hit the US?pacific theater opera theater

WOW - that was excellent - i was in tear too - I will put that youtube on my 360 - it is better than the gollum one that is there...he needs to fix his teeth

shame there aren't more answers to this question - I'll post a link to it
I cried! What a voice this man has, and it is wonderful we all get to experience his gift!
WOW.. that was excellent (thanks Spider)

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