Sunday, December 6, 2009

What are some good songs to exercise to?

Im downloading some songs off the internet and i want to make a exercise cd. What are some good songs. No rock, heavy metal, or opera wanted. If its not carrie underwood or reba no country either.

What are some good songs to exercise to?met opera

just breathe - telepopmusik

lazy eye - silversun pickups

here it goes again - ok go

join in the chant - nitzer ebb ( if you want to really move it)

What are some good songs to exercise to?movie theatre opera theater

well i like to listen to some reffeaton well sometimes cux it distracts me into some dancing aslo hiphop n R n B n what also motivates me is techno n rave
Any song with a good beat. If u could dance to it, you could exercise to it.
How about this song...

the neck bone is connected to the back bone.....the back bone is connected to the hip bone...........the hip bone is connected....

You didn't give us many options, angel.

Maybe you should just bring a novel to read on the stationary bike.
i use alot of pop music and rap when i exercise, they usually have good beats,,,, sorry cant think of one offhand, i just "borrow" my daughters cd mixes
who let the dogs out
Anything by Panic! at the Disco they will get you shaking your toosh real good
These artists will rock your world, when it comes to workout music: ATB, Chicane, Hernan Cattaneo, Delerium and genres belonging to progressive trance and dance music. Check 'em out on
i like the way you move by bodyrockers- good for body pump.
flight of the bumble bee

that should warm you up

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