Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well known artists that have recorded lullabies?

My cuzin Amanti was born yesterday and I wanted to make her a cd with lullabies on it but all I keep finding when I download the songs are lullabies sung by opera people. She is an African- American 7lb 11oz baby and her mom really wants me to make her a lullaby cd. If you know any famous celebrities that have recorded lullabies please let me know.

Well known artists that have recorded lullabies?amc theater

My favorite for my daughter was by Kenny Loggins, I think it is called Pooh corner. It is really sweet. If you go to a music store they can look it up. I believe it is his only childrens cd so if I got the title wrong - sorry. But it is something close to that.

Well known artists that have recorded lullabies?concerts opera theater

I dont know of any by famous celebs but I know of some that are by fictional bands that sound alot like the real celebs. Theyre fantastic and called mother goose rocks. The website is

take a look at the videos and listen to the sound clips theyre great. I love the Dave Mathshoes!

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