Thursday, December 10, 2009

Should I find out the story before watching an opera?

I'm going to watch Die Fledermaus live next month. Should I watch a DVD of it, listen to the CD or read the story before attending?

Should I find out the story before watching an opera?violin

I have found it helpful to do this. I read about Madame Butterfly and it made the opera more enjoyable. Good luck.

Should I find out the story before watching an opera?chinese theater opera theater

Don't waste your time. Find a fat rich girl with doting parents to explain the special love she has of opera and how it speaks to her and then you won't care to watch or listen to Die Fledermaus next month. You should spend your time reading Dostoyevsky or trying to get laid.
No, if you watch the dvd now, it wouldnt feel the same when you see it live.
if i were you i'd read the story of the opera before going to it then you'll know what's happening in the real opera
ya it is very important and make u enjoy opera most

If you know the plot and story you can then truly enjoy the operatic music, and see the interactiosn between the charactors. By knowing the plot you can focus on the sub-text and intracacies of the play, thus increasing your enjoyment without loosing the main point.

The con to knowing the plot is that you know the story, and that is what a play is all about- to tell a story.
Optional, if you understand the language in which it is to be sung.
read the story first. Later, enjoy the opera.
It would help allot. I think that even if they were singing in English... I still wouldn't understand the story. Reading it would be the way to go.
Unless you speak the language, I would definitly make sure you read the story before you see the opera. While I doubt you would be totally lost, it can really help the experience to know a little more specifically what is going on. If you speak German however, I would go and experience it as it was meant to be experienced.

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