Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fix error: Warning spyware threat has been detected...?

Warning: spyware threat has been detected on your computer. Your computer has several fatal errors due to spyware activity. Your IP address is __gives an ip #_ %26amp; via this address an unauthorized access was gained by another computer. it is strongly recommended to install an antispyware to close all security vulnerabilities.

Image is saved as a desk top image. I've changed it numerous times and it automatically changes itself back. I found a browser shortcut which is the image and deleted it, but it was resaved on my computer. I've installed spysweeper and I keep getting the same items quarantined, but nothing is working. also task manager [ctrl] + [alt] + [del] has been disabled by the "admin"- which I didn't do. Not to mention I keep upgrading internet options on cookie acceptance to high, and that automatically changes to accept all! and running virus protect safe mode don't work.

If you can help i would greatly appreciate it! Really don't want to install the Oper sys

Fix error: Warning spyware threat has been detected...?opera songs



Fix error: Warning spyware threat has been detected...?secure browser opera theaterHe only added Superantispyware hoping that people wouldn't thumbs-down the garbage clean crap that he pushes for *every* answer. Report It

spybot 1.5 updated should be able to help
Sounds like your computer may have a variant of the ubiquitous Smitfraud infection. Almost all "general purpose","all-in one" spyware and virus removal programs such as AVG, Norton, or Spybot S %26amp; D cannot remove it.

Free specialised Smitfraud removal tool is here:

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