Sunday, December 6, 2009

What's a good Queen album?

I want to get a new Queen CD, but I don't know which one to get (there's so many!). I have "Greatest Hits I" and "A Night at the Opera," both of which I love, but "Opera" more so. Anyone have suggestions?

What's a good Queen album?movie theater

"Sheer Heart attack" is pretty good , Queen II also. I too feel that "Night at the Opera" is my fav - well that's the first Queen record i got WAY back when it came out anyway. Actually , they kinda lost me from "Hot Space" on , and that one with "radio ga-ga" on it - THAT one dissapointed me. Any Early Queen discs are a good bet, and you will probably enjoy.

What's a good Queen album?tickets opera theater

lol i dont know the cd but i know the song its we will rock u thats a good song
I absolutely love "The Game". It's my favorite Queen CD.
umm, i'd pretty much say any of them....Sheer Heart Attack is good
News of The World

1. We Will Rock You 2. We Are The Champions 3. Sheer Heart Attack 4. All Dead, All Dead 5. Spread Your Wings 6. Fight From The Inside 7. Get Down, Make Love 8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk 9. Who Needs You 10. It's Late 11. My Melancholy Blues 12. We Will Rock You (Remix)
Live at the Opera--Bohemian Rhapsody all the way!
a night at the opera
the game and queen 2 are both good
My favorite Queen album is a hard to find rare double live allbum called"Queen: Live Killers". It's a perfect snapshot of Queen at the high point in their careers, and they absolutely electrify the crowd.
A Night At The Opera. Queen at it's very best.....Freddy Mercury had the greatest voice in Rock.

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