Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now this is going to be a hard one guys|!?

I need to know the name of this song, who sang it and how i can get it on CD?

Hint: A duet (man and a woman)

Kind of opera-ish

the first line in the chorus goes thus; "Try to say goodbye........"

now the difficult part is this.....the rest of the song is not in english...probably Italian.


Now this is going to be a hard one guys|!?phantom of the opera

Sarah Brightman %26amp; Andrea Bocelli -- Time to say goodbye

Now this is going to be a hard one guys|!?listen to opera opera theater

Time to Say Goodbye
my grandmother sang that during one of her bad gas attack damm near cause my grandad to go blindand he is still suffering from it nearly 75yrs later
Sorry don't know Wish I could help
sorry dont know but thanks for the pts.
just look up on the net.that be your best bet to find out.

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