Thursday, December 10, 2009

Need a list of good opera!!!?

my mum is having her birthday soon and shes wanted a cd full of opera greats, so if u have any in mind could you please list them.i am looking for songs by Andrea Bocelli, Pavarotti, anything in this type of genre. thanks so much

Need a list of good opera!!!?amc theater

Andrea Bocelli has a beautiful voice, but he is not an opera singer.

If you want variety, there are a number of compilation CD's on Amazon (The #1 Opera Album,The #1 Soprano Album (I have this, it's great!) Most Famous Opera Arias, The Best of Italian Opera, etc) that will have famous aria's by sung by famous singers. There are tenor albums as well if you're looking for Pavarotti, Corelli and Carerras voices.

There are so many great opera's out there!If you want a soundtrack, I really like Mozarts - Don Giovanni, Cosi Fan Tutte, Le Nozze de Figaro and Die Zauberfl?te are all very accessible and contain famous arias.

There are also classics like La Boheme, Turandot, Carmen, anything by Verdi, the list goes on.

If your mom doesn't have much experience with opera, I would maybe buy 2 CD's if you can- 1 compilation to get an all around feel of what's out there and 1 soundtrack to hear the songs in context.

Need a list of good opera!!!?concerts opera theater

Ok, well if it's Bocelli, it's gonna be good for sure lol:)

Um, Aida is a really wonderful opera, so is Traviata.

Boris Godunov is good.

But my fav would have to be Ruslan and Ludmila.
Giuseppe Verdi: Traviata - Rigoletto - Aida-

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