Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paul Pots? Opera?

My mom has suddenly gotten into this opera singer guy. Im trying to find something for her for xmas, she has his cd already. What are some other opera singers or other artists that she might like?

Paul Pots? Opera?dream theater

I hate to suggest this and make these singers any money (because I personally think they suck), but perhaps she'll also like Il Divo or Andrea Bocelli. I would go a more traditional route and perhaps pick up a Mario Lanza CD (the widely available "When Day is Done" album might be a good choice). Mario Lanza was a much better singer than Paul Potts, Il Divo, or Andrea Bocelli, but he sang in the 50s so it's a tad different from the modern crap, but he had a true tenor voice. Giving a listen to all the singers I suggested on YouTube wouldn't be a bad idea and you can go from there. Good luck.

Paul Pots? Opera?performing arts opera theater

idk but u look pretty sexy in your pic
Make her an "Opera Singer" collage.

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