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What is a torrent?

i downloaded the torrent of the need for speed underground 2 using opera, after checking file it automatically produce a folder that has inside sub forders there is a folder named : DISC 1, DISC 2, keygen and a folder named NO CD TRACK. what is the purpose of this folders and what should do to these? and i think the download has already ended but its downloading again with no specific time will it end..... should i cancel the download?

What is a torrent?performing arts center

go to the site from which u downloaded the torrent from and it will probably explain how to use it. if opera says 100%, and it still is going, it means that you're seeding the torrent.and it's no cd crack not track. :)

What is a torrent?sunshine opera theater

to be sure:

download utorrent(

download a torrent file (.trt) make sure it has a lot of seeders so that the downloading will be fast(usually 20-40mbps is the max downloading for DSL)

then drag the file on the utorrent window to start download...

TIPS: be sure to read the comments to be sure that theirs no report of corrupt/ doesn't work file.
A torrent is a tracker file that negotiates the downloads of the files that you actually want. You need a BitTorrent client (such as the original BitTorrent, uTorrent, BitComet, etc) to complete the download. You pretty much have to just leave it running with your internet connection until the download is complete. This may take awhile depending on the seeders (amount of people uploading), the size of the file(s) and your connection speed.

If I am correct, Opera is a web browser without a BitTorrent client, unless you have a plug-in. But it's been many years since I used Opera and they may have built in a BitTorrent client. I doubt it, though.

Also, exercise caution when asking questions about how to get free movies, games, music, etc, as you may have just confessed to being party to copyright infringement. (Whoops!)
sharing method
Disc 1 and Disc 2 are the installation files for the program. Usually you run these programs to install the program. KeyGen is the Key Generator. It's a program that generates a product key for the program. No CD Crack is a program you use to replace the program so it can run wthout a CD.
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