Sunday, December 6, 2009

Does anyone know where I can ge this song?

I want to find the music from The Phantom of the Opera when The Phantom and Christine are in the graveyard and she is visiting her father's grave and the Phantom starts singing. It is some form of Angel of Music. Here are the lyrics to most of it:

The PHANTOM emerges from behind the cross)

PHANTOM (very soft and enticing)

Wandering child . . .

so lost . . .

so helpless . . .

yearning for my

guidance . . .

(Bewildered, CHRISTINE looks up, and murmurs



Angel . . . or father . . .

friend . . . or

Phantom . . . ?

Who is it there,

staring . . . ?

PHANTOM (more and more hypnotic)

Have you

forgotten your Angel . . .?


Angel . . . oh, speak . . .

What endless


echo in this

whisper . . .!

(RAOUL appears in the shadows and watches for a

moment transfixed)

PHANTOM (now drawing CHRISTINE towards him)

Too long you've wandered

in winter . .

Is there another CD that it and other songs that aren't on the original soundtrack? Website?

Does anyone know where I can ge this song?regal theater

You are talking about Wandering Child but I don't quite know what you are asking...are you talking about the movie soundtrack or the broadway soundtrack? Because I have the movie soundtrack and wandering child is NOT on there because I only got the "highlights" version and I"m guessing thats what you have. I also have the Original London and Canadian casts and they both have wandering child. You must have only a "Highlights" disk which doesn't include all of the songs.

London 2-disc w/wandering child:

Movie 2 disk with Wandering Child:

or just go to and listen

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