Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hispanic/Latina avatars?

I'm looking for an avatar, maybe anime, that looks like a Hispanic/Latina girl. I haven't gotten anything from my searches. I viewed avatar sites, and want something close to this:;sch... I'm unfamilar with anime - are there any anime characters that look Latina? Hawaiian would maybe work, too.

Hispanic/Latina avatars?mr messed up

I was born in Chile and I live in Venezuela, and I see people of many races around me, white, black, Asian, native and many people with mixed features, all of them speaks Spanish, so, what do you mean with "an avatar that looks like a Hispanic/Latina"?. The Hawaiians look like the native people here, many of us have native blood, but not all of us. I mean: Hispanic is a culture, Latinos are the people who speak a Latin derived language (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian).

Hispanic/Latina avatars?getting late opera theatercheck out its a new site putting up a bunch of different graphics almost exclusively for latinas. otherwise i tweaked one of the icons on the link you gave at hope it helps Report It

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