Sunday, December 6, 2009

Singing a D?

I am in no way a singer, but I am trying out for a play, ( cough cough tomorrow ) Phantom of the Opera, and it was supposted to be the non-singing [ forgot what it is called sorry ] and when I spoke with my director today I found out for the chacter I am trying out for has to SING!! A D!! My director says that isn't high well on the cd it sounds high, can anyone help me please?? I really don't want to back down from this audition because I can't sing a D! Please help!

Thanks so much!


Singing a D?home theatre

All the answers given are true, but your comment that you are in no way a singer makes me think of one more thing. Warm up first!! You may have already known that, so I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, but it is the sort of thing non-singers tend to forget.

It doesn't matter what you do...another song, random syllables like la, la, la or whatever. But start in a normal, comforatable range, then repeat what you are doing in a slightly higher pitch, then higher still, and so on. Go slow, remember you are warming up. Similar to stretching before engaging in physical activity such as running. It will make it easier to reach those higher notes, and you will be less likely to damage your voice.

Singing a D?ballet theater opera theater

Mmmm... Really?! COOL! Some of the songs there are great. Which song are you going to have to sing?

Anyways, all you pretty much gotta do is listen to the song over and over and over again and sing along with it once in a while. Try the hard and high parts or the parts you can't sing separately over and over again until you get it as well. During high parts you have to project. Mouth wide open, as loud as you can but make sure it's still in key. Do NOT be afraid of the high parts. And lastly, the CD may sound high, for instance that song, Think of Me, well, at first, I was afraid to sing the end part cause I thought it was REALLY high, but then I tried it and it wasn't at all... Anyways... Just try your best and project. If you don't unleash that voice of yours, it won't get anywhere. Godo luck!
you can practice the song that you are going to audition for by turning it on sing along over and over again until you can imitate the voices in the song.
it will be almost impossible to perfect a high note that you are unable to do in one day. (usually takes a couple of days or weeks) if you resort to falsetto, you will be able to hit the note without struggle and also people wont care weither its full as long as its pleasent.

have fun and be confident.

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