Sunday, December 6, 2009

Burning CDs on my Computer?

I have a handheld tape recorder I use to tape rehearsals of an opera I am performing in

I would like to transfer portions of these tapes on to CD

Can portions of these tapes be read into and stored on my computer?

If so - can these tracks subsequently be burned on to CDs?

Burning CDs on my Computer?amc theatre

You can integrate your tape recorder right into the "line in" input on your computer and "capture" the analog audio (from your tape player) onto your hard drive and then subsequently burn the audio files to CD. You'll need some recording software on your computer to do this. There are many software applications available and some are free. I use DART - CD RECORDER.

Hope this helps.

Burning CDs on my Computer?symphony opera theater

Yes they can on all counts.

You will need a capture device and a bit of software to accomplish this, I perfer to use Roxio's Sonic software for the editing however, there are many other programs that will do this.

You will also need the capture device itself. Check Office Depot or Circuit City for this. Again there is a wide selection avaliable.

When getting the device, I would suggest that you get the video capture. You may not need it for this, but you may need it later.

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